Sole Surviving Synagogue In Oswiecim In (Structural) Danger

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The Auschwitz Jewish Center in Oswiecim, Poland (the town outside of which the Auschwitz camp was built) has issued an appeal for funds to shore up a retaining wall of the Chevra Lomdei Mishnayot synagogue.

The synagogue, the only surviving synagogue in Oswiecim, forms part of the Auschwitz Jewish Center’s complex in the center of town. After WW2 it was used as a carpet warehouse, but was restored and rededicated with the opening of the Center in 2000.

A post on the Center’s web site states that “the synagogue and the adjacent home of the last Jew of Oświęcim, Shimon Kluger, are held up by a retaining wall at dire risk of immediate collapse. When – not if – the retaining wall gives way, it will take the synagogue with it. The only remaining synagogue in Auschwitz will be lost forever.”

The Center is appealing for $300,000 for the project. (Follow the links on the synagogue page of the Auschwitz Jewish Center to donate).

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